Basement Cat
Personality Evil
Alternate Names Devil Kitteh
Gender Male
Kindred Nightmare Kitteh (speculated)
Race Lolcat

Basement Cat is a black LOLcat with glowing eyes, the LOLcat equivalent of Satan. He is pure evil and leaves no survivors when attacking, note:he can summon the undead [like the picture.] and minions.other: he has a adoptive son that secretly married Ceiling Cat's Daughter. In Lolcats The Movie, Pickles tried to defeat him and almost gained an upper hand....errrr....paw, but Basement Cat throws him at the wall, at when he was half on health, he had the ability to hover, but then The LOLS came to the rescue and used everything they got and Rumble headbutted him while Siren and Venus helped him up (because Rumble is heavy) and he lost his levitation and screams as he falls into his pit of death and punishment.


Basement Cat is the main antagonist in Lolcats The Movie, and a secondary villain in I Has A Hotdog. In the first trailer,his eyes are only seen, he is seen a lot of times in the second trailer. He is known to be the used to be brother now archenemy of Ceiling Cat. The thing of Basement Cat being Ceiling Cat's brother is that according to Siren: He was born along with Ceiling Cat and lived along with him. They even stopped The Cheezburger Thief, but became Ceiling Cat's archenemy because Ceiling Cat was more interested in his wife rather than Basement Cat, so Basement Cat killed Ceiling Cat's wife and Ceiling cat sent him into the box of shame.

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