Buisnesscat is a very popular meme. There is many versions of it, He is in an upcoming movie.

Personality: Serious

Other names: Manager Cat and Serious cat.

Gender: Unknown but might be a boy.

Kindred: Corporate Fatcat

Race: Lolcats

Appearance of the cat Edit

The Buisnesscat is a black cat with yellow eyes and a yellow and black tie around its neck, It might be a boy.

Meme versions Edit

  • Climbs to the top of the corporate ladder, needs fire department to get down.
  • You really need to get the ball rolling, so that I can chase after it.
  • Its time for your purrformance review.
  • and more...

Trivia Edit

  • The Buisnesscat resembles a youtubers cat called Sir Meows A lot (DenisDaily's cat)
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