Ceiling Cat
Ceiling cat
Personality Mysterious
Alternate Names None
Gender Male
Kindred Possibly Monorail Cat
Race LOLcat God
Ceiling Cat is a white lolcat who is the exact brother of Basement Cat. He is voiced by Morgan Freeman. He is worshipped as a god by lolcats, even though he is just an ordinary cat. He goes on vacation often, and Attic Cat is left in his place. Attic Cat (Who is voiced by Jack Black.) is a Siamese cat often protecting Ceiling Cat's known open attic entrance, ready to attack enemies. Ceiling Cat is a neutral (yet, to all cats a heavenly) character. He is not downright good or evil. Just kind of...Ceiling Cat-ish. He also appears in the lolcat bible. Ceiling Cat is a major protagonist in Lolcats The Sequel and Lolcats The Prequel. note:it's revealed that Happy Cat is his son, that he has a daughter, and a child with basement cat industries. He also has an dead unamed wife. Sometimes, an LOLcat will plead to Ceiling Cat to save him from a bath.
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