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“Give us, Ceiling Cat, our daily bread. With cheese and burger on it too!”
Happy Cat to Ceiling Cat from Lolcats The Prequel

A cheezburger is the ideal meal for all LOLcats. It is a cat's goal in life to eat at least one cheezburger. The only thing that the cats have to do is use thumbs to get a cheezburger. Unfortunately, cats do not have thumbs, so they will always be asking for cheezburgers.

Tollbooth Kitteh accepting his payment

Not only are cheezburgers the only thing making up an LOLcat's life, but they are a common food found in I Can Has Cheezburger. Often, one will see cheezburgers mentioned.

The legendary cheeseburger is the greatest food ever tasted by a lolcat. It consists of, according to Cheeseburger Cat, bread, cheese, and burger. It can also have sausage or tofu instead of burger meat. Cats often do not want tofu burgers, and plead for real ones.[note:it is a cash for unlocking a lolcat to create in multiplayer of L:ROTSB, other: the legendary cheeseburger is an easter egg in Lolcats: Rise of the Shardburger in the escalation map: Lockdown, only Longcat can get the easter egg: if the player flies longcat to a portal it will conjure you to the virtual world only to find the legendary cheeseburger, also the shardburger is a cheeseburger with brown bread and health shards.].

The great cheeseburger!