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Teh voices has spoken. Why u no exit this article? WHY U KEEP READING THIS? Why? U iz will wait what not again AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!

D00M is the most mysterious and deadly lolcat ever born. He will kill with no mercy every victim he sees and uh... yes, you're one of them. He has voices in his head telling him to do nasty stuff. Those voices make him a ruthless assassin.

Even Jellyfish Eyes is scared!


Rumours say that a long time ago, the unnamed sister of the Devil's pet, Rebecca Black, gave birth to a mysterious cat named as "Prosperity".


"Prosperity" grown up as an healthy and smexy but shy cat in Hell, rarely talking to anyone but his mother and aunt. One night, at the gates that separate our world from Hell, he got in a fight with a dog, which resulted in the loss of his ears (although he still has audition) until the gates closed and they both travelled in space and time and instead of appearing in the real word, an error occurred and they were teleported to the virtual world, each one in a different spot on the Internet.


That dog originated the "loldogs" while "Prosperity" got enraged and released all the dark power he hard inherited by his aunt's owner, the Devil and is constantly every day, every hour, searching in for that dog. He is an immortal lolcat and others now call him "Doom" (in lolspeak, D00M) and kills everyone (like you, the person which is reading this) that gets in his path.


It is predicted that if D00M somehow manages to find that one dog, he will launch a powerful blast capable of destroying the whole virtual world plus causing a 10 magnitude earthquake on the real world.this was about to happen in Lolcats The Sequel, before D00M can launch the blast,Siren pounces on him and kills him by throwing him at a spike on a structure and however he gets killed (even if he is a immortal), the dog thanked Siren for killing D00M and goes to the gate from the virtual world to the real world.