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One of the places an LOLcat can be found in is inside a dollhouse. It is arguable why they go inside a dollhouse, even though it might be too small for them. It is possible, though, that a human might send them inside a house and take a photograph. It sets up for a pretty cute picture.

Kitteh in bathtub.

Activities an LOLcat does inside a dollhouse

Normally, when a grown-up LOLcat gets inside a dollhouse, they get out as quickly as possible. However, dollhouses make play-pens for young kittehs. One comic shows a kitten terrorizing a dollhouse's dining room. Another one shows a kitten sitting in the bathtub, taking a bath. Most cats do not like to take a bath, so having a kitteh inside a bathtub would be very odd - and very funny.

An LOLcat sitting inside a dollhouse.