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EndCat is an orange cat said to have seen armageddon and the main antagonist in Lolcats The Sequel. He is voiced by Chris Miller.

He is summoned with the Omega symbol, which shouldnt be shown for safey reasons, but we are ignoring those safety reasons because we can, look at this website:

Gender: MALE
personality: UNKNOWN

In Lolcats The Movie, Wolf Banderson fights endcat they fought for hours and hours and hours, then they squared off in battle, wolf won barely and endcat was banished to the virtual world, now wolf is the king of the interwebs and the only person with almighty omega symbol and he will make the world with love and endcat in it. he returns in Lolcats The Sequel, when Tacgnol breaks the omega symbol, endcat was sent from the unknown world to the real world and kills Wolf by snapping his neck and thanks Tacgnol for unbanising him, he appears in some more scenes until the final battle.

Wolf is no longer the king.