Happy Cat
Personality Cheerful
Alternate Names Cheezeburger Kitteh
Gender Male
Kindred Delivery Cat
Race Lolcat

“I am still Happy Cat, this is just my poker face.”
Happy Cat to Rumble from Lolcats The Sequel

Happy Cat is one of the most well known lolanimals. He was the first lolcat to say "I can has cheeseburger" and has probably appeared more than any other lolcat. He is voiced by the youtube gamer: Jacksepticeye. he appears in Lolcats The Sequel and Lolcats The Prequel [note: he has a annoying little brother with basement cat industries named Humphery cat and a sister who is ceiling cat's daughter who secretly married basement cat's son.other: he is in love in Grumpy cat and married her after grumpy cat notices his happy face.]

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