“You can't get away with it Tacgnol.”
Longcat to Tacgnol from Lolcats The Prequel




Alternate Names

Longus felinus







Longcat is the longest cat ever recorded in LOLcat history, with Tacgnol coming in at a close second. Many people speculate that the original Longcat image is just a photomanip, but it became popular after that. Longcat's origin came from 4chan, an annoying forum (where the whole LOLcat idea was started in the first place). There have been many YouTube videos based on Longcat, and many pictures that edit Longcat to make him look different, or drawn pictures of Longcat.

Appearances Edit

Lolcats The Movie Edit

Since Longcat appears in the movie a lot of times and also appears in the game.

Lolcats The Sequel Edit

Longcat makes a cameo as one of the lolcats fighting the minions and the defeat of Basement Cat and appears as a unlockable character in the sequel's game.

The Impossible Quiz Edit

Longcat appears as a question in the Impossible Quiz 2, on question 60. The object is to pull the image of Longcat down until its head can be seen.

===Lolcats The Prequel=== Longcat fights Tacgnol in the movie and appears as a escalation and multiplayer character in the prequel's game.

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