These are the lesser-known LOLcats that have only appeared in comics and future movies. Their pictures, descriptions, and personalities are put here. If you find a new LOLcat, you can name it yourself and put it on this list. Be bold - this is LOLwiki, B.T.W.

Cheez Kitteh

Cheez Kitteh is a tiny little kitten who is McDonald's obsessed. He will wake one up at 4:00 in the morning just because he wants breakfast at McDonald's. Cheez Kitteh is presented in for the first time in Lolcats: Before Gladys became Super Paws, and Applecat suspects that he is a boy and not a girl. Because he is cute, he can force anyone to take him directly to McDonald's.


Cheez Kitteh's first appearance.

Helper Cat

Helper Cat is the cat that likes to help computer nerds, youtubers, bloggers, etc. He entertains himself by working with computers, laptops...well, you get the point. Generally, he's a the lead helping tech support. In Lolcats: Armageddon, he first appears when Siren wanted to look at the progress on the Black Friday Stampede (which is a stampede of shopping lolcats heading to a Wet Seal store) but, the computer glitches and malfunctions. She tries to use another computer, then he says that he will fix the computer generator and does so successfully.


Helper Cat helping you, as usual.

Why he loves to fix generators is because it helps more than fixing the device itself. He usually has a toolbox and succeeds to help. Sometimes, he ,one time only, blew up a whole nuclear plant when trying to fix the generator.

Stalker Cat\Kitteh

Stalker Cat is basically the cat that loves to stalk. He is like Ninja Cat, except he can shapeshift into many different colors, shapes, and sizes. He is known to be black, brown, or even black-and-white.

I Can Has Hug? No.

These two kittehs are very famous in lolcat history as the cutest pair ever. The black one most generally seems to be the nicer one of the two, and the yellow tabby seems to be quite unenthusiastic about the black one hugging him. Maybe the yellow one thinks the black one has cooties?


The I Can Has Hug? No. kittehs.

Toad Cat

This cat is probably a Mario fan. He seems a bit mean and harsh, and wears a red mushroom on his head. The "princess" he is referring to is probably Princess Peach, which is probably the most likely.


The princess is in another castle.

Corporate FatcatEdit

The Corporate Fatcat is a mean spirited cat that runs a major buisness. He is Grey and very fat, as his name points out. He has been seen a few times on Lolcats: Before Gladys became Super Paws, but not much, He might run a buisness like the Buisnesscat does.


Highway CatEdit

Minor Lolcat from YTMND.

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