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Monorail Cat
No Image Available
Personality Unknown
Alternate Names Monorail Kitteh
Gender Male
Kindred Hovercat
Race Lolcat
“Monorail cat is offline for maintenance.”

Monorail Cat in Lolcats The Sequel

Monorail Cats are well known lolcats who serve as transportation for lolcats. They have many variants, including the "Red Eye Express" variant, a solar powered variant, a double decker variant, a japanese jumbo variant, monorail cats with crashbag safety systems, a variant that can go on wooden rail, a variant that carries more passengers (which makes it look fat), and a winter model with a roof, they also can say "Monorail Cat is at the station" or "Monorail Cat is offline for maintenance" on instinct, but they are actually capable of speaking normally. Monorail cat, as the name suggests, travels on one rail, but sometimes they travel on two rails. They are basically eternal, they can't die from ageing, but they can break down over time, rendering them useless and they can get killed.


Monorail Cat usually appear as background characters, but one helps The LOLS get around Loltropolis in Lolcats The Sequel, in Lolcats 4, it is revealed by the same monorail cat that the old models got retired because they had a 50% chance of being late because they were known to derail and malfunction because of their age, so they were pulled out of the fleet and replaced by newer versions.