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Ninja kittehs gonna beat you up!

Ninja Cat
Personality Unpredictable
Alternate Names None
Gender Presumed male
Kindred Unknown
Race Lolcat

Ninja Cat is a black and white LOLcat voiced by Ian McShane. He is rarely ever seen. When he is, he is usually barely visible in the shadows, attacking dogs or other cats. He was killed by a boulder falling on him for a natural cause


Ninja Cat makes frequent appearances on Lolcats The Movie, Lolcats The Sequel, Lolcats The Prequel, the games, and occasionally is featured on I Has A Hotdog, attacking the doggie protagonists. He has yet to be seen on any other webcomics.

Personality and Family

Ninja Cat is mysterious and loves to trick you. He is always hiding in the shadows, either ready to attack or steal your cheezburgers. No one knows what got him into doing this (possibly a childhood trauma). One of the most mysterious things about Ninja Cat is that no one knows who his family is. It is suspected that Nightmare Kitteh is one of his relatives.